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A Clarification on the Term "Hacker"

I probably don't have to point this out to the digerati, but for all those potential employers out there, we don't consider "hacker" to mean "criminal". We welcome all who seek knowledge about computer security, whether offensive or defensive, white or black hat, or anything in between.

Well, today we have to look at these hackers and see that even though they do some malicious things, they have a knowledge that's extremely important to our security, to our safety, and to our ability to confront terror. I think government's real challenge right now is to bring them on the inside to help train our own information specialists to work to track terrorist organizations. Frankly, we could own all the master hackers in our country for half the price of an advanced fighter jet. So we're not talking about much cost; we need to recruit these people, we need to use them, they're Americans too, they're patriots too - they can help win this war on terror. They count more than a carrier battle group, quite frankly.
-- John Arquilla, author of Networks and Netwars

Mailing List

Currently we have formed a mailing list to discuss things. This is currently the primary source of information about the group.


We meet at Noisebridge, near 16th St and Mission BART, the 2nd Sunday of every month, at 2pm, and it generally lasts several hours.

Parking is tough in Mission District; there is a garage on Hoff St. between 16th and 17th. Make sure to leave 15 minutes to find a spot otherwise. It is no longer free on Sundays.

Noisebridge can be difficult to find, so look for the round noisebridge logo on a gated door to the left of a fruit market with a yellow awning.

We meet up near the front of the building, where the drop-down projector screen is located. If you need directions, ask around.

Note that occasionally there are cancellations; you should check the mlist or google calendar before going!

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I created this group to give those interested in learning and teaching about security topics a forum to do so. This is mostly about computer, application, network security and cryptology, but I don't see a reason to strictly limit discussion to those topics. For example, there may be widespread interest in anonymity, privacy, relevant legislation, physical security, locksport, and so on.


Current Issues Under Discussion:

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The first rule of BAHA is, you don't talk about the logo.

Original date: 6 Apr 2010
Updated: 21 Dec 2010